Swiss Watches: Reviews on GIRARD-PERREGAUX Vintage 1945 XXL

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replica watches quality

The chronograph function of Vintage 1945 XXL is very precise. And its design is amazing. The exquisite watchmaking technology and simple, elegant watch style complement each other. The launching of the new stainless steel calendar moon phrase watch and the big chronograph makes the lineup of Vintage 1945 XXL stronger.

The two watches of Vintage 1945 XXL series have both excellent inside and outside. The rich design details have a strong contrast. The charcoal gray dial has a soft line of matte texture. The polished links alternate with the matte links on the steel chain making the watch to be more modern. There is a safety switch insider the triple stainless steel buckle to adjust the length of the chain. The watch dial is decorated with the elegant Breguet digits. The out side of timing device and decorative details is very beautiful that making a contrast with dial modification texture .

The Vintage 1945 XXL has the function of hours, minutes, date and moon phrase display; the instantaneously changing big calendar of 12 chroneme is made of two very thin turntable that display ten digit and single digit respectively; the 6 chroneme is moon phrase, which is balance with the date. The overall arrangement of the dial is very clear and simple, which won the design essence of Vintage 1945 series.

Vintage 1945 XXL chronograph also win with a delicate and pretty design. The two timers are parallel opposite. Brass hour hand and the mid second hand have been rhodium plated. The crafts of dauphine facet hour hand and minute hand is very fineness.

Although the size of Vintage 1945 XXLis very ample, the proportion and arc are just perfectly matching with the arc of the wrist. The watchcase has been precisely polished which highlight the exquisite design of the dial. The natural combination of line and arc won the aesthetic charm of the decorative art trend at the beginning of twentieth Century. The decorative arts is the inspiration of Vintage 1945’s design style.

The GP03300 automatic upper chain movements was self-made by GP watchmaking workship of Swiss La Chaux-de-Fonds. Technology and workmanship are closely related to the fine watchmaking tradition of Switzerland and the style of watchmaking Masters.

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