Swiss Watches Buying Guide on Patek Philippe and Cartier

replica watches for men
replica watches for men

You may know about the Patek Philippe 2499 and 1415 which separately features perpetual calendar and world timer. Patek Philippe started a new era in 1989. Many brands copied this complicated watches and facilitated consumers’ interest in the super complicated watches. Today, we only talk about the 3974, the combination of minute repeater and perpetual calendar. It reaches 36 mm of the case diameter and has a quite smooth look. what we should particularly pay attention to is the rotor made of gold on the movement. 3974 was off production in 2002 and in its 13years of history, it has a rare number. After 3974, here comes the Ref.5074 which has the R27 Q movement and its case diameter reaches 42 mm. Time indexes were displayed through Arabic numbers. So far, there are platinum, red gold, rose gold edition for your choice, and an 5073P platinum edition is also available. Next years will be the 185 –year old birthday for Patek Philippe, it is estimated that novelties with new color will be launched. For those who travel through different time zones, Patek Philippe 1415 series are the best choice.

Cartier Tank Folle distorted Roman numbers—brave and innovation

Cartier time indexes are completely from others’ as they are distorted, shape Cartier’s style. Radiating patterns on the dial, Roman time indexes and sword-shaped blue steels, these innovations are presented in different ways. Exaggerating styles got Cartier into people’s attentions, distorted but harmonious shapes are completely beyond people’s imagination. In a regular shape it is easy to make watch run in a precise way; but in a distorted and irregular case, it requires much skills to do that as it does in the regular case. Masters have to pay attention to the distance between hands and indexes. That distorted case, which seems to be casual, melts with perfect design and gives a strongly visual shock.

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Jackie Kennedy’s Cartier Tank: The Most Expensive Cartier Wristwatch Sold At An Auction

With its distinctive elongated square case, the Cartier Tank is recognisable to anyone with more than a passing interest in watches. Simplistic and elegant, along with it’s accurate timekeeping, the Cartier Tank watch is a marvel of fine watchmaking.

Cartier Tank history

The Cartier Tank is one of the most long-lasting models of the production, which is an iconic design and has been since the very first watch in 1917. The first Tank wristwatch was created in 1917 and was inspired by a simple idea: four lines, with two parallel shafts made from gold or platinum, a sapphire cabochon atop the winding crown and a leather strap. With its infinitely refined and timeless design, this revolutionary square watch took shape and forever changed the world of watchmaking.  The Tank now belongs to the series of iconic Cartier watches, alongside the Santos and the Pasha.  The 1920s Cartier Tank is more than just a watch but it’s also a pioneer of the Wristwatches. Remember that at the beginning of the 20th Century, many manufactures were only providing pocket-watches, sometimes modified to be wristwatches.

Unlike most watches that have been around for significant periods of history, the Tank has managed to maintain its unique appearance with every model focusing on the key features that identify the unique timepiece. Cartier Tank is popular with all kinds of demographics including various royals, world leaders, military officers, celebrities, fashion designers and corporate tycoons. Cartier Tank replica is especially popular with the business community as well as the contemporary artist due to its clean lines and simplicity. The elegant and classic design of this watch, along with it’s accurate timekeeping, helps to further the reputation and the history of the Cartier Tank watch.

Jackie Kennedy’s Cartier Tank

A Cartier Tank wristwatch that once belonged to former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was sold at the Christie’s ‘Rare Watches and American Icons Sale’ for $379,500 to any anonymous bidder who has now been identified as American reality show star Kim Kardashian. This is the most expensive Cartier wristwatch ever sold at an auction. The 18-carat yellow gold model was produced in 1962, a year after Kennedy became the First Lady, and has reportedly remained in remarkable condition, despite being worn by her as a statement piece every day.

Cartier Watches Make You Look Good All The Time

A wristwatch has the unique distinction of being one of the few accessories at which we are nearly obligated to glance multiple times throughout the day. And Cartier watch is the perfect watch to reflect the personal elegance and charm, which can make you easily catch everyone’s eyes.

It all started when Cartier was asked by Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont to make him a watch that would be suitable for him when flying his planes. The Santos wristwatch was created for him and it became its first ever men’s wristwatch. Since then, this impeccable and powerful aviator’s watch is desired by many men due to its luxurious appeal and state of the art time keeping mechanism. This luxury watch is widely known for its rounded corner design. It comes with a very distinctive square face with rounded edges. The classic timepiece has a balanced size; it is not too slim or too thick. With its automatic movement, the timekeeping mechanism of this watch is seamless and one of the best in Swiss craftsmanship. This watch is comfortable to wear and it can complement both casual and formal attires.

Thirteen years later Cartier again stunned the watchmaking world with the introduction of the tank watch, inspired by Britain’s Mark IV tanks, with a flat, angular case. The tank, of course, went on to become one of the most celebrated and iconic wristwatches ever made and is still extremely popular a hundred years on.

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This timepiece measures 46 millimeters in diameter and 13 millimeters thick. The watch and bracelet are set with baguette diamonds. It has a transparent case back and slate gray dial with sun satin finished grid. The face features Roman numerals and hands that are shaped like swords. The tourbillon is visible at 6 o’clock. The timepiece is winded manually and armed with a numbered movement with Geneva Hallmark. Power reserve can last up to 50 hours.